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【Asthma Improvement Exercise】DL (English subtitle version)

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Over 90% of people have breathed easier.
Stop a cough and easy breathing at home
with just 4 exercises.

This is a recommended exercise for improving asthma, mild pneumonia, COPD, covid-19 and breathing disorders.

The Asthma Improvement Exercise devised by Kawai Kinki Therapy Center,
which is famous for improving asthma in Japan.

It can make breathing easier for people with asthma, mild pneumonia, COPD, covid-19 and breathing disorders.

The book introducing this exercises
[Amazing way to stop asthma and cough
 without medicine]
Amazon Japan category ranking No.1

Kindle Book [Great Exercise to Improvre Asthma] on sale in the world.

This video will tell you a very simple way to regain your physical function and make breathing easier.

This exercise can be safe from children to the elderly.
There is not much time to do it in a day. It's a very simple method.
It does not use any tools.
You can do it at your home.

If you continue this method, you will be free from breathing difficulty and will be able to spend every day well.

Over 90% of asthmatics feel better breathing.
Easy breathing at home without medicine.

In this video, we explain how asthma occurs and give advice on daily life.
You can see as soon as you download to your PC.
Please watch the video and improve your asthma, mild pneumonia, COPD and breathing disorders. .

This video is in Japanese but with English subtitles.
Sample Video
Asthma Improvement Exercise PV

[Asthma Improvement Exercise] DL for PC
(English subtitle version)
File format mp4 Size: 904MB
[Contents] About 1 hour 6 minutes

*Chapter 1 Introduction
*Chapter 2 Breaking away from wrong knowledge
 About how to improve with medicine
 About how to improve by breathing
 About how to improve by swimming
 About how to improve by eating
*Chapter 3 The essential improvement asthma
*Chapter 4 The exercises notes
*Chapter 5 Asthma improvement exercise practice commentary
・Basic training for natural breathing
・Exercise for normal airway 1
・Exercise for normal airway 2
・Breathing training before sleeping and waking up
*Chapter 6 The exercises supplementary explanation
 Notes on daily life
 How to deal with asthma attacks
*Chapter 7 Final greeting

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